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Nuthera Cannabis Products For Sale

Seeded in Missouri, by Missourians, Nuthera is firmly rooted in our passion for the ART and SCIENCE of Cannabis; We Consistently & Consciously Craft premiere cannabis solutions with approachability and transparency. We care what comes out of the lab and into your bag! By making the complex simple, when we know that when we educate the community, everyone benefits. No holier-than-thou attitude here. In a hazy marketplace, patients are hungry for transparency. We focus our attention on developing top tier Cannabis solutions that empower all to make the most informed decision. Our education methodology is to train budtenders to train patients how to become cannabis sommeliers! It’s our backyard too!! Missouri is Nuthera home! Owned and operated by locals we intend to be good stewards of our community by instilling partnership, mutual respect and a commitment to doing things right. Community has always mattered in the cannabis marketplace. Said simply, we just want to hook up our people with the highest quality products at an attractive price point. We can’t wait to build a long-term relationship with you, your staff, and your unique market needs!