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Edibles Arrive at Dispensary in Lee’s Summit, MO dispensary in Lee’s Summit is proud to announce the arrival of Missouri’s first edible products from our hard-working medical marijuana manufacturing facilities; featuring Keef Waters, Robhots Gummies, and Wana Gummies manufactured by CLOVR!

Products are expected to arrive on December, 30th, 2020 and available for purchase after noon or 1 pm. We’d like to thank our patients and fellow owner/operators for their dedication to medical marijuana production and safety.

Medical Marijuana Edibles at Dispensary manufactured by CLOVR

Keef Infused Sparking Water

Strawberry, Kiwi and Lemonade

Robhots Gummies

Various flavors

Wana Gummies

Various flavors

Various Strains of Medical Marijuana Pre-Rolls expected after 4 pm on Dec. 30th, 2020!

Current Medical Marijuana Flowering Offerings Featuring

Grape Ape

Tropic Thunder


Gelato 41

Green Crack

Lemon Royale

Lemon Haze

Join us tomorrow and check out the latest offerings of flower, edibles, and pre-rolls at dispensary in Lee’s Summit, Missouri!

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