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Fresh Fridays: Save Up to 20% on Flower – Gift Cards for All!

Breaking news: in celebration of our owner’s birthday (Rob,) will be offering a gift of savings for all!

Fresh Green Friday: *20% off Lemon Royale and 10% off all other strains

Save cash on one of our most sought after strains (while they last.)

Buy 1/4 get a Free Pre Roll

Buy more – save more at dispensary in Lee’s Summit!

Fresh Green Saturday: Gift Drawings for All – $5.20 – $52!

Rob’s 52nd bday special – random drawing gift cards to every single customer ranging from $5.20-$52 all day!

We look forward to celebrating life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with you at our dispensary in Lee’s Summit.

Thanks for your support and care!

Your dispensary team!