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Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Sept. 23rd, 2020: Post update: would like to thank our medical marijuana followers, Extract-ED, our police officers and KSHB for covering this historic event.

Protecting patients begins with education. Thanks for your support.

Watch video on KSHB:

"It doesn’t make any sense for the police, because maybe they don't have the education or they’re not lawyers, and they’re left to interpret the laws," said Rob Sullivan, co-owner of Dispensary. "There’s no reason they should be wasting their time on things they shouldn't." medical marijuana dispensaries announces the hosting of local education classes featuring continuing learning credits for law enforcement officers in Missouri: “Understanding Missouri Medical Marijuana,” presented by Extract-ED.

  • The cost of the classes are being sponsored by Dispensaries and FREE to all Missouri police officers.

As Missouri progresses towards the launch of medical marijuana markets, advocates, operators, and law enforcement are working together to ensure patient safety and responsible legal access.

  • When: Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020

  • Time: 1300-1500 hrs

  • Where: Dispensary

  • 1041 NE Sam Walton Lane, Lee’s Summit, MO

Seating is limited to 45 police officers. Dispensaries would like to thank our neighbors, patients, fellow operators and fellow Missouri residents for working as one to end cannabis prohibition.

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