Close this search box. Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Opening Soon in Kansas City and Lee’s Summit

The Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) is on the march and inspecting over 380 new medical marijuana businesses in Missouri. would like to thank the DHSS, the communities we serve, and the patients for your patience.

This is an exciting and historic first for Missouri residents and patients – and us too!

How many marijuana patients are in Missouri?

60,000+ patients in Missouri have been approved by the DHSS

two of the 60 cultivators have been approved by the DHSS

“We still don’t have a testing facility inspected,” Sullivan said. “So we’re hoping we’re not going to get a logjam between the cultivators having stuff to sell, we want to buy it, but it can’t get through testing.”

DHSS expects 11 testing facilities

DHSS must inspect almost 400 locations


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