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New Flower in Stock! Wedding Cake 22%, Mango Puff 21%, Free .5g Pre-Roll with every purchase!*

Free Pre-roll with every medical marijuana purchase.

New flower in stock:

Wedding Cake 22% – Staff Favorite

Mango Puff 21%

10 other strains and 6 different concentrates in stock now:

Mandarin Kush Cake 24%

Lemon Haze

Chem Scout

Animal Mints

Pink Citrus Farmer

Fifth Dimension

Sundae Driver

Gorilla Glue

Purple Sunset

Frosted Cherry Cookies

Concentrates in stock now:

Bubba Fett Sugar

Bubba Fett Batter

GMO Badder

Love Affair Badder

Blackout Truffle Shatter

GMO Sugar Wax