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MOJO GMO Sugar Wax has Arrived at!

New product release from COCO Labs at dispensaries in Lee's Summit and Waldo, KCMO! Our team at dispensaries are pleased to announce the exciting arrival of in-demand Missouri manufactured medical marijuana concentrates!

MOJO Sugar Wax - GMO: THC 85%

Stay Tuned for Chocolates, Capsules, and Cartridges Coming Soon!

What is a Medical Marijuana Concentrate?

Cannabinoids are isolated and removed from plant material via extraction, agitation, compression, or other methods to create generally a very potent product.

Start Low - Go Slow with Concentrates

Concentrates have an immediate activation time and are generally used by experienced consumers.

Find a Dispensary Near Me in KCMO

  • 1041 NE Sam Walton Lane Lee's Summit, MO 64086

  • 7130 Wornall Road Kansas City, MO 64114

  • Veterans always get 15% off at dispensaries

  • Seniors always get 10% off at dispensaries

  • Discount can be stacked up to 25% savings for Senior Veterans

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