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Weekend Product Update – Wedding Cake; Draw of The Deck at both locations!*

Draw of the Deck game this weekend, AUGUST 13 and 14 at both dispensary locations!*

New Product Update:

Wedding Cake Flower 27%

Nighttime Robhots Gummies

Daytime Robhots Gummies


Chocolate Chip Cookies

Vivid RSO

Vivid Mango Indica Gummies

Vivid Watermelon Sativa Gummies

Nag Champa Pre-roll

Relax Pre-roll

Create Pre-roll

Purple Chem Pre-roll

Gorilla Pie Pre-roll

SFV OG Pre-roll

Clementine Pre-roll

Cherry Kush Vivid Live Resin

Cherry Gar See Ya Sugar

Purple Chem Vape Cartridge

Ghost OG Vape Cartridge

Clementine Vape Cartridge

Gelato Vape Cartridge

All day, every day pricing:*

Robhots Fruits and Tropicals Gummies – $30

Sundae Driver – $40 (Waldo and Lee’s Summit locations)

Animal Mints – $40 (Lee’s Summit location only)

MO Rockin Kush – $40 (Lee’s Summit location only)

Forbidden Zkittlez – $40 (Lee’s Summit location only)

Fireball Pop-up: Friday, August 13, 3pm-6pm at dispensary Lee’s Summit

Fireball Pop-up: Saturday, August 14, 12pm-3pm at dispensary Waldo

CLOVR Pop-up: Saturday, August 14, 2pm-4pm at dispensary Waldo

*IMPORTANT INFORMATION – The Department of Health and Senior Services has strictly limited the content of any messages that are designed to increase interest in purchasing medical marijuana or a particular product. We are doing our best to overcome this obstacle to communicating sale information to our patients. Thank you for your patience while the DHSS clarifies its rule guidance. This message is not designed to increase interest in medical marijuana, nor any particular product.