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Fresh.Green Dispensary Reviews

Cannabis Dispensary located near MO

Here's what our customers are saying about us:

  • M C Scott
    05/25/2024 02:56 AM
    Helpful, Respectful. Thoughtful of your experience level. Really cares about your specific needs and thoughtful of suggesting appropriate product.
  • Araceli De Leon
    05/21/2024 05:16 AM
    (Translated by Google) Good speck but expensive Good weed but expensive (Original) Buena mota pero cara Good weed but expensive
  • glenda lofinkpnut1060
    05/17/2024 11:26 PM
  • christian harper
    05/17/2024 09:51 PM
  • Mike Simon
    05/16/2024 02:17 AM
    Staff here are great. Prices are decent, not cheap but not overpriced. This is my go to in kc
  • Ebony Ebby
    05/10/2024 02:28 AM
    Awesome place great atmosphere when you come there's no wait time you're in and out.... Great prices everyone is friendly everyone greets you... matter of fact soon as you open that door you're getting greeted. I will continue to keep going here.
  • Claude Webb
    05/08/2024 09:15 PM
    Small but very accommodating! I have made several visits here
  • cari cummings
    05/08/2024 05:00 AM
  • Angela E
    05/07/2024 09:17 AM
  • Ariel Hollingsworth
    05/07/2024 04:17 AM
    I was in here Saturday night, the lady that was helping my man and I was so wonderful. She was so exhausted, i could just see it on her face. It was 20 minutes until closing. So it was the end of her day, and usually people get cranky, crabby, are just ready to go. She helped me so much. I told her exactly what I wanted and she picked it out for me. I didn’t even need another option. Because it was something I had never had, reasonably priced, high potency! Her name is Maddie, KEEP HER. She is absolutely incredible! And your front desk lady was so sweet also. But Maddie really made my day! Sometimes all you need is someone to say “you’re awesome”or “you’re doing a good job” and she was by far!