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Fresh Green LLC has been awarded licenses to operate 2 dispensaries in Missouri's 5th Congressional District. Fresh Green's locations will include a dispensary in the Waldo neighborhood of Kansas City at 7130 Wornall Rd., Kansas City, Missouri, and a dispensary in Lee's Summit on Route 291 at 1041 NE Same Walton Lane, Lee's Summit, Missouri. The company principals are all either born and raised in Missouri, or long time (20+ years) residents of the state. The owners and principal managers have extensive experience in law, cannabis advocacy (dating back to the 1990s), cultivation and retail experience in the medical cannabis industry and the adult use industry in states that have legalized. Three of the company’s four principals are attorneys. Fresh Green as a company hopes to fulfill the mission of bettering the lives of those patients that will benefit from medical cannabis, but may not be able to afford it. The company will be operated for profit; however, a dedicated percentage of that profit will always be earmarked for discounts available to veterans and low income patients in need. We look forward to opening both location in 2020 as quickly as product becomes available to stock the dispensaries. Stay tuned for more details as the industry gets up and running.

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LATEST NEWS: Progress reports of dispensaries'  locations in the Waldo neighborhood of Kansas City and Lee's Summit.


Our apologies for the time it took to get this much requested update ticker up and running. Our tight knit Missouri rooted group has been hard at work completing the construction of the dispensaries on Wornall Rd. in KCMO and Route 291 in LSMO. The good news is that both locations are on track to be completed and ready to go as soon as product is available. Some optimistic early estimates on product availability are targeting the August-September timeframe, but it looks like larger scale product cultivation estimates predict product available to patients closer to this November. We all hope the earlier estimates are true. Whether it becomes available August 1st, or November 1st, or anywhere in between, dispensaries  will immediately open their doors to provide the earliest available cannabis for its patients. Unfortunately, dispensary owners are all at the mercy of the the cultivators' timelines and the State's timeline, so our apologies again for the delays, but as dispensary owners, we share patients' unfortunate position of being at the mercy of the State and the licensed cultivators.

MAY 20, 2020: 

Buildout of both the retail stores has been underway for a couple of weeks. Demolition continues at the Waldo location, but the Lee's Summit location is fully demolition and under construction. Both locations are coming along nicely and on track to be completed by July, 2020. Any patient or potential patient, or just interested community member is welcome to stop by and speak with Rob and Bianca Sullivan, see the progress of the locations, and take a tour of the progress, time and safety permitted. Anyone interested, please contact Rob at 816-806-2129 to arrange a time. Rob and Bianca are at one or the other of the locations one a daily basis checking on progress. Please feel free to come see us. We are happy to answer any questions.


Below are a few photos of the progress. We will try to update as frequently as possible. dispensary

1041 NE Same Walton Lane

Lee's Summit, MO 64086

37C21ABC-F63F-4F68-8570-2C03A9CEB8F5_1_2 dispensary

7130 Wornall Road

Kansas City, MO 64114


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