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50+ MMJ Products in stock: Vape Carts, Pens and Concentrate-Free .5g Pre-Roll with every purchase!

To celebrate more than 50 different MMJ products in stock at both, we continue to thank our loyal customers by extending our Free Pre-roll with every medical marijuana purchase giveaway from now through May22nd, 2021.

12 strains and 6 different concentrates in stock now:

Due to limited supply, new concentrates, vape cartridges and vape pens are for in shore purchase only

.5g vape cartridges - Bruce Banner

.5g vape cartridges - Alaskan Purple

.3g Disposable VAPE Cartridges


Vivid Blackout Truffle Shatter

Bubba Fett Badder

Bubba Fett Sugar

New Pre-Rolls From Flora Farms in stock now - 25% THC

13 Different strains of flower in stock noW;

Wedding Cake - Staff Favorite

Mango Puff

Mandarin Kush Cake

Lemon Haze

Chem Scout

Animal Mint

Pink Citrus Farmer

Fifth Dimension

Sundae Driver

Gorilla Glue

Purple Sunset

Frosted Cherry Cookies

Layer Cake

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